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AtomFeed Properties

The properties of the AtomFeed class are listed below. For a complete list of AtomFeed class members, see the AtomFeed Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

AdditionalElements The additional elements of the feed.
Author The author of the feed.
Contributors The contributors of the feed.
Copyright The copyright of the feed.
Encoding The encoding of the feed.
Entries The entries of the feed.
FullName (inherited from AtomElement) The full qualified name of the element.
Id The global unique identifier of the feed.
Info The info of the feed.
Links The links of the feed.
LocalName Gets the local name of the feed element.
Modified The last time when the feed has been modified.
NamespacePrefix (inherited from AtomElement) The namespace prefix of the element.
NamespaceUri (inherited from AtomElement) The namespace uri of the element.
Tagline The tagline of the feed.
Title The title of the feed.
Version The version of the Atom specification.
XmlLang (inherited from AtomElement) The content's language of the current element.

Protected Internal Instance Properties

Buffer (inherited from AtomElement) The serialization buffer. Use it in your own subclasses for serialization purposes.

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